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Montana Alpaca Farm Suri

First baby alpaca for 2011 at NRMA

Montana Alpaca Farm Suri Miss Molly gave birth today to a stunning shiny milk chocolate baby boy sired by the new Montana resident, Hershey’s Hugo. Wow! This male is awesome. You should definitely come to the ranch to check him out. This is the first baby alpaca for 2011. May is not the best choice for months when birthing baby alpacas in Montana.

Here in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana, our winters do run longer than most and we seem to get snow well into May. This poses a concern when birthing baby alpacas because they are susceptible to hypothermia if born in cool to colder temperatures. The mother alpaca does not help in keeping the baby alpaca warm so its very important to assist in the birthing process. Its also important to plan the alpaca births for the warm summer weather.

Miss Molly recently arrived in Montana from Oregon in April. Some alpaca owners in Oregon plan to have their baby alpacas from April through October because of their mild spring and fall temperatures.

For more information on baby alpaca care, visit the Alpaca Talk forum here at Northern Rocky Mountain Alpacas.

Back in Montana. Alpacas Safe & Sound

Safe and sound! What a long strange trip its been. I headed out Tuesday morning westbound to OR to pick up the new additions. I woke to 6 inches of snow and thought “I’ve got to pull a trailer in this!” 12 hours and only one fishtail later over Homestake pass, I made it to the rendezvous point. Loaded up most of the original critters and headed back another 12 hours. So sloooow! AND some how I managed to get speeding ticket!?!

I am super excited about the new additions to the herd. Hershey’s Hugo, a dark brown proven herdsire that has been the foundation at ALPACAS of Tualatin Valley is now a resident of Montana. He is quite incredible with a stellar head combined with outstanding conformation, lustrous dark fleece. He has been bred to both ATV Miss Molly and ATV Cherry Jubilee with spring due dates. The combination of Hugo to both Molly and Cherry Jubilee is not something you’ll want to miss. If it ever stops snowing, arrange to make a farm visit and check out these awesome animals. Please don’t bring a trailer. Because if you did, you’ll end up with a few alpaca in the back.

Alpaca Road Trip. Orgeon Bound

Its been decided. This Wednesday March 23, 2011 a road trip to Tri-Cities, WA (yeeah. Not my favorite place) to pick up the new additions to Northern Rocky Mountain Alpacas. This is a scary this time of year to be transporting animals. With it only being March, there are 3 passes I’ll have to drive over and forecast is calling for snow. Fortunately, I’ll be driving west and the storms come from west to east and I’m hoping it will pass right by.

I have to transport now because of the 5 alpaca 3 are pregnant females all due around the first of May. Transporting causes an enormous amount of stress and too close to their due dates could cause complications. Cross your fingers!