Alpaca Sportsman’s Hat

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The Sportsman Alpaca Hat is a favorite with outdoor sports enthusiasts.  It can be crushed or folded, tucked away and then popped back into shape when you need it. The Alpaca Sportsman Hat has a patented Fast-tab sweet band that easily adjusts for the best fit. It is waterproof and has an adjustable chin strap.

The Sportsman Alpaca hat is made with a blend of alpaca fiber that is purchased from US farms and merino wool. It is made in the US for Kentucky Royalty.

  • Crushable
  • Water repellent felt
  • Adjustable leather chin strap
  • Patented Fast-Tab sweat band to create a perfect fit
  • Complies with American Made Matters standards
  • Made with domestic alpaca in the USA
  • Available in men’s (Large/XL) and women’s (Small/Medium) sizes.

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Black, Natural


Small/Medium, Large/XLarge

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