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The Explore is the perfect trail sock. Very similar to the Prevail using the same yarn and same construction, the Explore is a shorter sock featuring a 4 inch Crew tube. This is a perfect sock for hiking shoes or lower hiking boots. Whether your out hiking, mountain biking, walking, or using them for everyday use, the Altera Alpaca Explore is the perfect spring, summer, and early fall sock.


Take advantage of all the benefits of Alpaca Fiber Technology that outperforms merino wool by up to 30%.

  • Better thermal regulation. Alpaca has a unique hollow core that aids in thermal regulation for hot and cold conditions keeping your feet comfortable at all times. You’ll experience a mishap and your feet will end up wet far from your truck or house. If you can, wring your socks dry put them back on and keep moving. Once you start to get heat down to your feet, the alpaca will aid in building and keeping heat in your boots and start to wick the moisture from your feet.
  • Superior wicking. Alpaca natural wicks moisture away from the body. Altera’s recipe for yarn construction amplifies the wicking ability working hard to dry your feet. You want dry feet. If not, moisture, heat, and friction is the recipe for a blister. Keep the feet dry and at comfortable temperature while reducing friction and you’ll soon have to come up with another excuse for not making it to the top of the next ridge.
  • Better durability. The US Military says a superior socks will with stand up to 12,000 abrasions. Altera’s construction can handle up to 18,000 abrasions. Now that is an impressive sock. How are the heels of your merino wool socks after 6-8 months?
  • Great Antimicrobial benefits. Alpaca is naturally antimicrobial. Combine Altera’s Silver Infusion process and you now have a 5-Day trail sock. Take 2 pairs on your week long back country trip and you’re good. Hell, I’d just do 1 pair. Keeps things light.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe. Who wants to hand wash, flat dry? I’m lazy. Throw them in the wash, dry them and I’m done.
  • Built in the USA with US alpaca fiber. Here’s your chance to support the US alpaca rancher and help bring textiles back to the USA. That means us here at Northern Rocky Mountain Alpacas. Where are merino wool companies getting their fiber and having their socks made. China?

Our feet are so important. Make sure you take care of yours. Treat your feet well with a good pair of boots, good insoles, and alpaca socks. Specifically Altera Alpaca socks. There are other alpaca socks out in the marketplace and you’ll find Altera’s yarn construction and yarn recipe will outperform and outlast most socks on the market.

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Weight 8 oz

No Show Micro, 6 inch Crew




Brown Tweed, Green Tweed, Pink Tweed, Gray, Black, Teal, Pink


3-5 SM, 5-9 M, 9-12 L, 12-14 XL

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