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The Altera Prevail is not just meant for hunting. It is a superb wading sock for the wet and colds of fishing lakes, rivers and streams. The alpaca fiber does a great job keeping your feet feeling dry while retaining more heat that synthetic or merino wool socks. Not to mention is doesn’t hold the funky smell.

Wading: medium weight,  12 inch Over-the-Calf

So whether you are fly fishing steelhead in British Columbia, going after the monster taimen in Mongolia, or knee deep in King’s of Alaska, the Altera Prevail Wading is the choice sock for the serious fisherman who want comfort, durability and less stink in their waders.


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5-9M, 9-12L, 12-14XL


Sage, Coyote Brown, Black, Pink


9 inch, 12 inch Over-the-Calf


Medium Weight Only

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